Sewer Line Inspection, Grease Trap Cleaning & More in Edmonton

Does damage to your pipes prevent your business from performing at its best? If so, contact Canessco Services Inc. We offer a variety of services to help you avoid further damage to your pipes.

Whether your drain needs cleaning or your sewer line needs inspection, you can benefit from our services, which include:

High Pressure Water Sewer Flushing and Cleaning

Pipes often become clogged with dirt and rubble, causing blockages and other problems. With this service, we use high pressure water to flush debris from your pipes.

Hydro Excavation

Keeping phone lines, gas lines, and electrical lines clean is important. Hydro excavation uses pressurized water to break up the interfering soil without damaging the lines.

Sewer Line CCTV Inspections

Pinpointing a problem, such as a break, can often be difficult because of a problem’s location. During a sewer line CCTV inspection, we use cameras to locate problems in pipes’ hard-to-see places. If you need a sewer line inspection Edmonton, we’ll provide you with a DVD and a written report of your pipes along with your inspection.

Liquid Waste Pumping and Disposal

If you have liquid waste that needs to go, this service will take it away for you. Using vacuum trucks, we’ll suction liquids from your site and dispose of them at approved sites.

Catch Basin Cleaning and Thawing

We use this technique to pump water out of catch basins in parking lots. This helps keep the lots clean and less likely to have problems when it rains or the snow begins to melt.

Small Sewer Line Cleaning

For smaller pipes, this service provides equipment to maintain pipes from sizes 1.5” to 4”.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Restaurant owners who need grease trap cleaning in Edmonton are among the people who can really benefit from this service. If you own a restaurant, the grease traps in your kitchen need regular maintenance. Contact us about this service when you want to avoid unpleasant odours and backups.

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