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Do you have a drain that is slow to clear or completely blocked? What about a drain that gives off a foul odour? We can help. Even the best plumbing systems develop clogs at one point or another, there’s simply no way around it. While most blockages and slow drain issues can be remedied with a couple pumps of a plunger or snaking a hair snare, others may require a little work — that’s right, you may need to call in a professional plumber. Armed with all the latest portable drain-cleaning and jetting equipment, Canessco Services Inc. delivers the best in drain cleaning to Edmonton and the surrounding areas. To resolve all your drain problems, all you have to do is call and our team of professionals will be there.

The Dream Team of Drain Cleaning in Edmonton

Not all superheroes arrive on the scene wearing a cape—some arrive with a cable auger and water jetter. Which, may not sound like the tools of a superhero, but they are to a lot of families who can no longer use their bathtub or kitchen or bathroom sink due to a clogged drain.

For your clogged or slow drain, we will most likely start with a cable auger to attempt to clear the line. If it’s something more serious, we can perform a video line inspection to check the condition of your line before moving onto a more powerful tool. Our portable water jetter can clean lines ranging from 1” to 4” in diameter. This drain-cleaning marvel of technology delivers 3 gallons of water per minute at 1,800 psi.

Why is My Drain Clogged?

A drain can become clogged for any number of reasons, but is usually caused by a combination of things. For instance, a small toy may go down the drain, which shouldn’t be a huge concern, but over time that small toy will collect hair, the hair will collect soap residue and minerals, and boom!—before you know it, you have an obstinate clog that’s ready to do some drain jujitsu with your local plumber. But don’t worry—every drain clog we remove is given a Tim Hortons gift card and a nice place to live outside of town. It’s simply the right Canadian thing to do.

If you’ve tried and failed to remove the clog yourself, it may be time to bring in the professional drain cleaning team Edmonton has depended on for years—call Canessco Services Inc. today!

When a “Clogged Drain” isn’t a Clogged Drain

Yes, we’re talking about sewer blockages. A sewer clog may not always be obvious, especially when it happens the first time. One big red flag is when your toilets start to make a percolating sound after your washing machine finishes its spin cycle. You may even notice water pooling around the floor drain in the basement. If you hear an uncommon gurgling noise coming from your drains, this may be your main sewer line’s way of asking for help.

Since sewer pipes are rather large, it usually takes something quite large to clog a main line—and, as much as you’d like to blame it on your Uncle Eddie, that’s actually quite unlikely. The most probable cause is a combination of tree roots and debris. If you notice any of the previously mentioned issues, or it just gives you the heebie-jeebies to hear your drain lines talk to you, call Canessco Services Inc. and we’ll come out to perform a sewer line inspection and cleaning.

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