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Everything You Need to Know about Using Hydrovac Services in Edmonton

When you’re planning a big construction or renovation project in the Edmonton area, there’s a lot to consider. The planning phase of the project alone can take months, even years, and part of that planning includes being careful about where you’ll be digging. Digging a hole in the wrong spot could lead to thousands of dollars in damage or even an environmental catastrophe. Keep reading to learn more about what hydrovac services are and how they can help.

What is hydrovac? 

The word hydro is derived from the Greek word for water and vac is short for vacuum. Put those two together and you have hydrovac.

Hydro excavation uses a powerful jet of water and a suction excavator to remove materials from a designated zone without causing any damage to the surrounding area. Water excavation helps you dig safely with minimal damage to the landscape or any pipes or utility lines that may be hidden beneath the soil’s surface. 

Because water digging is the only non-destructive excavation method available, it’s absolutely essential to use hydrovac services if you need to excavate an area that contains buried pipes. 

What are the advantages of using hydro excavation?

The city of Edmonton’s infrastructure rests on top of a complex underground network of pipes and utility lines that move fuel, power, water and waste to and from homes and businesses throughout the city. Digging with heavy equipment could result in accidental damage to one or more of these underground networks. Water excavation allows you to carefully clear away targeted sections of soil without worry.

When would I need to use hydro excavation services? 

When careful digging is required, hydro excavation services are the best solution. Water excavation minimizes disturbance to underground pipes and the natural environment which means it can be used to:

  • Access and repair underground utility lines
  • Create a hole for a support beam or pole
  • Dig through frozen ground
  • Drain pooling water and prevent leaks and floods
  • Pump and dispose of liquid waste 
  • Work on an isolated area of underground pipe 

To learn more about water excavation in Edmonton, visit Canessco Services. We’ve been one of Edmonton’s most trusted providers of sewer line inspection and cleaning, grease trap cleaning, liquid waste pumping and hydrovac excavation services for more than 65 years. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide and discover why we’re Edmonton’s trusted sewer and drain troubleshooting guys.