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Hire a Professional Steam Cleaner During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our society is going through an unprecedented experience with the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic. The problem does not lie in the spread of the disease alone but also our panicked response to this situation. Social distancing has helped us contain the initial rate of infection but we are now at a stage where we have to ease back into our pre-pandemic routine to avoid an economic disaster. So, we have to prepare ourselves to face this scary situation by making the right decisions. As we re-open our businesses and start interacting with others, we have to sanitize our surroundings regularly to reduce the risk of exposure.

Sanitization companies have been working nonstop since the beginning of the lockdown. Steam cleaning, along with other sanitization services, has become an indispensable service for a lot of businesses and homes. Canessco Services Inc. provides steam cleaning services to keep up with the demand.

The coronavirus can stay alive outside a host for as long as 72 hours. Objects that are frequently touched by multiple people should therefore be frequently sanitized including playgrounds, patios, common yard areas and equipment. Currently, electrolytic sprayers using chlorine-based chemical solutions are being used to sanitize entire buildings. This is an effective and efficient method of sanitization as the mist of disinfectant evenly covers entire surfaces and the chemicals easily kill the virus.

Sanitization of hard surfaces can be done by spraying chemical disinfectants but carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture will get ruined by such chemicals. Steam cleaning, which is already a popular method of cleaning such items, can also be used to sanitize them. It is scientifically proven that heat above the boiling point of water kills dust mites and other allergens, effectively eliminate bacteria, E. coli, staph viruses and other microorganisms; the coronavirus isn’t an exception. Pressurized steam that is used in steam cleaning is hot enough to kill any pathogen.

Considering the fact that we are all unsure of when this pandemic will be gone for good, it is wise to start using cleaning methods that will not harm us in the long run. Compared to the two-step method of cleaning and disinfecting using detergents and chemicals, steam cleaning is a much better option. It does not create chemical pollution in the water system, it reduces water wastage, labour and ultimately more cost-effective. Steam cleaning can be carried out on all surfaces and it takes half the time as chemical cleaning to achieve complete sanitization. Steam cleaning does not leave behind chemical residue which means it’s not harmful to health and is not corrosive to any surface, which is not the case for chemical sanitization. Cleaning with steam is also much simpler because the steam cleaning equipment can bring out dirt and grime from crevices that can be easily wiped out with a cloth.

Even though self-reliance during these times is the best option, steam cleaning equipment and an experienced hand with expertise are necessary to ensure that the job is done properly. Canessco is catering to these needs of the present times. Our steam cleaning service is carried out in a responsible manner to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We also offer drain cleaning, hydrovac, liquid waste disposal services. Read our blog to learn more about our services.

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