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​Snaking vs. Water Jetting: What's the Difference?

At Canessco Services Inc., snaking and water jetting are just two of the ways we have to help you clear pipe blockages. Whether it is high-pressure sewer cleaning with the most advanced tools of the trade, or good old-fashioned elbow grease with a drain snake, our family-owned and operated business in Edmonton wants you to get the waste management service you need at a price you can afford. Here’s just a little more information on the differences between snaking and water jetting.


What are snaking and water jetting?
You've probably seen a drain snake before and may have even used one yourself. It's a very common tool used for unblocking drains. Although it’s extremely useful in the plumbing trade, a drain snake is actually a fairly simple device. In its most basic form, a snake is a tube with a corkscrew-shaped tip that can fit in the drain of a sink or shower. Once the tube is inserted into the pipe and the tip is near the blockage, the tip can be rotated from the handle. As soon as the snake has a good grip on the material blocking your pipe, it can easily be extracted.

Water jetting, on the other hand, is a little more high-tech. Rather than gripping and extracting blockages, water jetting works using highly pressurized blasts of water. A hose with a special nozzle is inserted into the drain and a machine pushes water through it at extremely high speeds. This pressure is strong enough to clear the toughest blockages.

Which service is right for me?
Deciding which service is right for your will, of course, depends on the type of blockage you have. An expert from Canessco Services will be able to identify which is best during a consultation. In general, however, snakes are used in situations where the blockage isn’t that tough and is relatively close to the drain itself. High-pressure sewer cleaning, while effective, is a little more stressful on your pipes. So unless there’s a good reason to use it, snakes are preferable. If there’s either a tough mass of material blocking your pipes or a lot of different blockages, it might be time to pull out the big guns and consider water jetting.

Whichever is right for you, we at Canessco Services Inc. in Edmonton can get the job done right. Contact us today for a consultation or to find out more about drain snaking and water jetting.