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Why Hydrovac is the Right Choice for You

Hydrovac or hydro excavation refers to the process of removing soil from an area using pressurized water. The water is injected into the ground through a hose to liquefy the soil. An air conveyance system or a vacuum is then used to transfer the wet soil to a debris storage tank. This is a non-destructive and precise method to locate any underground utilities.


Hydrovac gained popularity in Canada with the expansion of the oil and gas industries. The cold weather in Edmonton causes the soil to freeze and makes traditional excavation methods difficult. Hydro excavation using hot water is more efficient in such conditions.


If you are looking for hydrovac services in Edmonton, Canessco Services Inc. can help. We use technologically advanced trucks and equipment to do the job and ensure high-quality work is provided to our clients.


How Hydrovac Works

The hydrovac equipment uses high-pressure water to cut through the soil and break it up. A powerful vacuum system is then used to lift the slurry from the excavation site; the debris is transferred to a tank. The hydrovac equipment requires a vacuum source and you can opt for either of the two:

  • A fan system allows faster excavations as it moves air in large volumes. It is much easier to control and operate when compared to a positive displacement blower. It is also very light and inexpensive.
  • A displacement blower, on the other hand, can move air to much longer distances than a fan system. Though the excavation process is slower, it can be done at greater depths.

Applications of Hydrovac

  • Excavation of underground facilities and subsurface utilities is not an easy task. Hydrovac helps in minimizing a lot of risks associated with the process. It ensures that the soil surrounding the excavation site remains compact and strong.
  • Hydrovac makes it easy to install sewer systems and water lines by reducing the risk of pipe damage. This helps eliminate additional expenditure on repairs.
  • It is extensively used in potholing and daylighting as it reduces congestion and traffic in the areas where excavation is being carried out (as the equipment can be positioned at a distance from the site).

Benefits of Hydrovac

  • Hydrovac provides efficient and accurate results. It also takes less time compared to other traditional methods, thereby increasing productivity and reducing the overall project time and cost.
  • It offers better damage control than other mechanical methods by mitigating the risk of damaging any underground infrastructure. It also decreases any chances of accidents, thereby ensuring the safety of workers and other people on the worksite.

Hydrovac is eco-friendly, reliable and more cost-effective compared to other excavation techniques. Canessco Services Inc. has been offering safe and versatile hydrovac services to clients in Edmonton since 1974. We also provide drain cleaning and liquid waste disposal. Call us today for further queries or to request a quote!