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When it comes to removing sewer clogs and drain blockages, finding the root cause is essential. Sometimes, the culprit is in fact a tree root, but to be sure you find the exact spot of the clog or blockage, Canessco Services Inc. uses CCTV technology to inspect sewer lines. We perform CCTV sewer line inspection in the Edmonton area using equipment that can inspect all sizes of sewer lines and drain lines, from 2” kitchen sink lines to huge storm mains. We bring portable equipment to reach even the most hard-to-reach areas.


Able to pinpoint problem areas with ease, CCTV sewer line inspections in Edmonton will ensure we find the cause of your problem in order to assure we provide the correct solution. If you’re hearing gurgling noises coming from your drains or if your toilets are draining slower than usual, contact our team for a CCTV sewer line inspection. Our CCTV technologies are PACP-certified, and we follow NASSCO coding procedures.

How Can CCTV Inspections Help?

CCTV stands for closed circuit television video, which uses video cameras to transmit a signal that isn’t publicly distributed. For sewer line inspections, we send a small CCTV camera through sewer pipes 2” and up to see what condition your pipes are in and pinpoint problem areas. Sent to a private monitor, we are able to view the stream to find out what problems your pipes have, if they are deteriorating and if damage is being caused by outside sources such as tree roots. Our camera equipment can be used to locate the problem. The locating technology is accurate, and we can mark the problem so our customers know where to dig or what the problem is.


CCTV sewer line inspections are useful in Edmonton during new constructions so you can see what kind of job was done once the pipe is buried, but they’re also great for locating problems such as clogs. They have zoom capabilities to reach even the smallest spaces as well as directional lighting to further illuminate any problems.

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Call the Canessco Kid Today for CCTV Sewer Line Inspections in Edmonton

When you choose Canessco Services Inc. for CCTV sewer line inspections in Edmonton, you’ll get a written report detailing the condition of your pipes as well as a DVD to document the issues we’ve located. Our team is PACP certified through NASSCO to provide quality CCTV inspection services, so be sure to call the Canessco Kid today.

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Call the Canessco Kid today to arrange a visit to your location to discuss services.

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