You Can Rely on Our High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Material build-ups in drains, toilets and main sewer lines result in slow drains. You need equipment more powerful than a plunger to unclog such drain blockages. Canessco Services Inc. provides high-pressure sewer cleaning services in Edmonton to clean and unplug your sewer lines in an efficient and cost-effective way. 

High-pressure sewer cleaning is not only used to break difficult clogs, but it clears material buildup in your sewer lines, such as grease, scale and other such blockages. If your sewer seems to be clogged, contact Canessco Services Inc., and we’ll determine if high-pressure sewer cleaning is the right solution for you.

How Does High-Pressure Sewer Cleaning Work?

High-pressure sewer cleaning is a method of cleaning sewer and drain lines with high-pressure water. The hose has a specialized nozzle that is connected to a machine, which pressurizes the water producing a powerful stream that clears the drain. The force of water pushes grease, tree roots and other debris through the drain. We have a range of flushing nozzles that can be mounted on the end of the heavy-duty hose in order to direct concentrated streams of water for different applications.

Why Choose Canessco Services Inc. for High-Pressure Sewer Cleaning

Water jetting is the most effective solution for cleaning out clogged drains. Water jetting can be used to clean pipes from 3 to 48 inches by penetrating deeper into built-up debris. This allows us to flush out grease, food scraps, rocks, small roots, minerals and other obstructions causing a clog. This cleaning method is also very convenient because it has a high ability to clear out major drainage clogs.

Plus, water jetting is a very versatile service that can be used in just about any residential or commercial clog. We typically remove silt, sand, hair and other such residues from residential properties. For commercial businesses, we offer routine maintenance to ensure grease and food particles don’t build up and cause a clog. Contact us to arrange a visit to your location to discuss services.

Contact Us to Schedule Regular Water Jet Maintenance

We understand how detrimental a sewer blockage can be. High-pressure sewer cleaning is the perfect solution to this problem. Canessco Services Inc. offers a cost-effective way to maintain the drainage system for a variety of both residential and commercial properties in Edmonton. Whether you need to maintain a complex commercial system or you need a clog removed at your home, contact Canessco Services Inc. today to see if high-pressure sewer cleaning is right
for you.

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