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Confined Space Cleaning Equipment


Many industries, including oil, gas, manufacturers and processors, have small spaces that must be cleaned. From tanks and vessels to lift stations and manholes, each confined space entry can be hazardous and dangerous to those who are not properly trained to enter and clean such an area. Canessco Services Inc. offers confined space cleaning in the Edmonton area to remove mud, brine, sludge, sand, scale, wax, sediment and more from your tanks and vessels.


We utilize combo vacs to vacuum debris and steam/wash tanks. Our trained team has access to the right equipment to get each job done safely, following all professional health and safety rules and regulations at all times. Our workers are trained in confined space entry and rescue. We also do lift station cleaning, mud tank cleaning, vessel cleaning, storage tank cleaning, and fuel tank steaming.

What Confined Spaces Can We Clean?

The atmosphere in confined spaces can be hazardous to workers because of too little or too much oxygen, or poisonous gas in the air and dust. That’s why all of our employees are confined space trained and certified. We use proper safety precautions at every time to ensure our team and your employees are safe. We are able to clean confined spaces of all kinds, including:


  • Mud tanks

  • Vessels

  • Manholes

  • Lift stations

  • Storage tanks

  • Fuel tank

  • And more


Untrained personnel are likely to become injured or killed from being in confined spaces. To ensure your workers’ safety, you can always rely on Canessco Services Inc. for confined space cleaning by a trained and certified team.

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Types of Industrial Cleaning Service

At Canessco Services Inc., we provide the following services:


  • Grease Trap Cleaning: Grease traps fill quickly and should be emptied soon. Canessco Services Inc. provides you with professional industrial cleaning services that go beyond mere vacuuming the trap out.

  • High-pressure Sewer Cleaning: Sometimes, material build-ups in the drain or toilet result in slow drainage. In this case, you need more than a plunger. Canessco Services Inc. provides you with professional high-pressure sewer cleaning services in Edmonton.

  • Hydrovac: Installing new sewer lines can damage a lot of the landscape. Instead, use professional hydrovac services. We use hydro excavation equipment to remove the soil with pressurized water rather than digging it up.

  • CCTV Sewer Line Inspection: Clogged drains are common, and cleaning them is also common. But we need to find the root cause. Hence to find the exact point where the clog or blockage is, we provide CCTV sewer line inspection services.

  • Catch Basin Cleaning: In a city where snowfall is inevitable, catch basin cleaning is essential. Edmonton’s catch basin cleaning services save your condo tenants from future havoc and let your customers park properly.

  • Sump Cleaning: During the winter months the snow piles up in your shop which in-turn fills up your floor drains and sumps. Canessco Services Inc. has the proper equipment to clean and dispose of the waste properly.

Call Our Trained Team for Confined Space Cleaning in Edmonton

Safety is your number one priority when working within confined space environments. As such, our team uses a combination of different equipment to maximize efficiency and minimize risk while performing confined space cleaning in Edmonton. We can clean anything, and our trained coordinators can manage vessel entry. Call the Canessco Kid today to schedule confined space cleaning today.

Trained Team for Confined Space
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Call the Canessco Kid today to arrange a visit to your location to discuss services.

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