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Hydrovac & Vacuum Truck Services in Edmonton

When you have a problem with your sewer, you need to hire someone with the right equipment to quickly and efficiently clean up the mess. We have several types of pumping and jetting equipment to suit your cleaning needs. At Canessco Services Inc., we are very proud of our well-maintained, state-of-the-art equipment, which are essential tools in getting the job done right.


Our vacuum truck services are designed to remove any kind of sludge, dirt and liquid waste efficiently and safely. The next time you need hydrovac/vacuum truck services in Edmonton or a sewer line inspection or cleaning, you can reach out to us.

Benefits of Vacuum Truck Services

Vacuum trucks are equipped with high-powered vacuum and hydro-excavation systems, designed for cleaning purposes. These trucks can easily remove amounts of debris from industrial tanks, shop sumps, lagoons and municipal water infrastructure efficiently. They are also equipped with debris tanks of their own for hauling away materials for safe disposal. There is a range of vacuum trucks, all designed for cleaning purposes but with different specifications.


The benefits of vacuum trucks are:



There are a variety of models of vacuum trucks in the market today which are equipped for a variety of cleaning jobs. These vehicles have more than enough capacity of carrying away large amounts of hazardous material, with water tanks up to 1,500 gallons and debris tanks that can hold up to 3,000 gallons.



When getting a tank or reservoir cleaned, safety becomes of the utmost importance. Fully trained and certified professionals follow safety guidelines and procedures. Our crew is well equipped and qualified to perform your cleaning projects. We strive to be an industry leader in sewer and drainage services while keeping safety as our foremost concern.



Hiring professionals speed up the cleaning process; it’s hassle-free and saves you time. At Canessco Services Inc., our team of experienced technicians gets the job done efficiently. Call us today for vacuum truck services in Edmonton.


Waste Disposal

We safely dispose of your waste at government regulated dumping facilities, which will ensure that the waste is being handled and disposed of properly.

Vac-On Combination Sewer Cleaner Hydrovac Trucks

Depending on the job, we can visit your site with one of five trucks: 2015 Freightliner®, 2012 International, 2007 Sterling®, 2006 Sterling®, and 2002 Sterling®. These trucks handle jobs such as:

  • Hydro excavating

  • Catch basin vacuuming

  • Manhole cleaning

  • Sanitary and storm line flushing

Each of these trucks has the capacity to handle 3000 PSI at 65 GPM. They can also hold up to 1500 gallons of water and have debris tanks that can hold 15 gallons of waste. The on-board boiler of each truck can reach 180 degrees.

Combo Vacuum Trucks and Straight Vacuum Truck

We have 2 state of the art Tri-Axle Combination Vacuum trucks 2020 Western Star and 2016 Kenworth which have vacuum capability and a wash system. Each truck comes ready with a 200’ of 3” vacuum hose (more available upon request). The water system is a CAT pump that puts out up to 3000 PSI at 12 GPM. These units also have boilers that can produce steam for those deep cleaning jobs. Each unit has a debris tank that can hold up to 13 cubic meters of debris. 

Our straight vacuum truck is a 2015 Tri-Axle Freightliner that holds 16 cubic meters of liquid waste. This truck also comes ready to work with a 200’ of 3’’ vacuum hose.

These trucks can complete such tasks as sump cleaning, tank/vessel cleaning, steaming in most industrial applications, line thawing, remote hydro excavation, septic tank vacuuming and cleaning, confined space cleaning and lift station cleaning.

CT 407 Vacuum Trucks

For big jobs, we use one of five trucks: 2006 Kenworth, 2015 Freightliner®, 2005 Freightliner®, 2007 Western Star®, and 1998 Ford 9513. These trucks can vacuum:

  • Septic tanks

  • Hot tanks

  • Holding tanks

  • Sumps

Each also has 3000 imperial gallons and a 1200 Fruitland vacuum pump.

Sewer Flushing Equipment

We have 4 top of line high-pressure sewer flusher trucks. 2018 Freightliner Vac-Con, 2019 Freightliner Sewer Equipment, 2015 Freightliner Vac-Con and 2012 International. All units have the flushing ability of up to 3000PSI at 65GPM while carrying 4.5 cubic meters of water. Each flusher unit has a 600’ of 1’’ sewer flushing hose and 250’ of ½’’ flusher hose. The units can boil the water to over 100 degrees. Each unit has a debris tank that can hold 6 cubic meters of waste.

These trucks can complete such tasks as mainline sanitary and storm sewer flushing, lateral sanitary and storm sewer flushing, catch basin cleaning and thawing. Culvert flushing, manhole cleaning and hydro excavation.

Mini Vacuum Truck

2016 F350 is small in size but big in workload. This mini vacuum truck is only 6’ tall which means it can fit in those small places. This truck is perfect for all parkade sumps and grease trap cleaning. This unit has a debris tank that can hold up to 500 gallons of liquid waste and debris.

Small Flusher Unit 

This unit has all your small sewer/drain cleaning problems under control. With portable augurs, a small 3/8 hose flusher and a portable jetter, this unit can tackle it all. From residential sewer backups to high-rise kitchen stacks, the unit has all the tools and equipment to get the job done. 1” drain lines to 3” residential mains, this unit has the right tool for the job.

Rigid Portable Drain Cleaning and Jetting Equipment

This equipment is used to clean lines that are 1” up to 4”.

CCTV Inspection and Location Equipment

We use this equipment to inspect and locate problem areas in 2.5-6" pipes. When you use this resource, we will also give you DVDs and written reports on the inspected pipes.

CCTV Main Line Camera

This camera inspects 6”- 42” pipes. Clients who need pipes inspected can also access pipelogic reporting.

Call for State-of-the-Art Hydrovac Service in Edmonton

If you have a mess, you really want to bring out the best hydrovac Edmonton has to offer, simply call Canessco Services Inc. With our state-of-the-art, highly efficient equipment, we can provide an unparalleled sewer line cleaning experience, all while minimizing any disruption to your property.

When you call, we can provide you with an on-site quote so you’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed and how much it will cost to get it done. Best of all, you’ll be working with one of the best-equipped and experienced teams in the city.

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On-Site Quotes

Contact us to arrange a visit to your location to discuss services.

Prevent health hazards & blockages by hiring us to clean your grease trap effectively!

 Hire us to clean your blocked sewer lines in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Avoid damage during utility installations with our hydrovac excavation process.

Deploy CCTV technology to have your sewer lines inspected proficiently.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Allow us to meticulously clean and thaw your catch basin.

We are certified and trained to clean confined spaces while ensuring proper safety precautions.

Liquid Waste Disposal

Our expert can effectively liquid waste removals of all sizes.

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