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If a liquid residue can be considered harmful to people or the environment, it is labelled liquid waste. Found in grease traps, septic tanks and other appliances, liquid wastes, if not disposed of properly, could be detrimental not only to health but also to the environment and ecology. That’s where our vacuum truck services in the Edmonton Area come in.


Liquid chemical waste disposal can be a big problem because chemical wastes require special washing, vacuuming, and a certain degree of care and caution. Improper or inefficient removal of liquid wastes can violate environmental statutes and can also lead to fines or other legal actions. 


For effective and safe liquid waste disposal in the Edmonton area, rely on Canessco Services Inc. Our state-of-the-art vacuum trucks and combo vacs have tanks from 500 to 3000 imperial gallons, which allows us to handle liquid waste removal jobs of all types and sizes. We provide on-site quotes to ensure you know how much our services cost up front.

Why is Liquid Waste Harmful?

A lot of liquid wastes contain harmful chemicals that can cause:


  • Health conditions

  • Irreversible damage to the environment

  • A nuisance to the life of the residents of the area

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Our Vacuum Trucks Meet Your Needs

At Canessco Services Inc., to ensure we can complete any type of disposal job, we have a large fleet of vacuum and combo-vac trucks. Each with 3000 imperial gallon tanks and a 1200 Fruitland vacuum pump, our vacuum trucks are capable of removing all types of liquid waste. Our combo vacs can vacuum/wash/steam debris and are great for all types of applications. Our services are:


  • Septic tank pumping

  • Shop sump vacuuming and cleaning

  • Holding tank pumping

  • Various tank cleaning

  • Spill clean up


We even have a mini vacuum truck, with a 500 imperial gallon tank, that is perfect for parkade sump pumping. Our combo vacs have the ability to vacuum and wash down septic tanks. We can vacuum/clean shop sumps, car wash sumps, parkade sumps, septic tanks, rainwater tanks, storage tanks, sewage holding tanks, large grease traps, and small grease traps. 

No matter what type of septic system you have, our liquid waste disposal services have you covered. We dispose of all waste at the appropriate disposal sites, which ensures health and safety requirements are being met.

Handling All of Your Needs for Liquid Waste Disposal in Edmonton

Organizing various vendors is expensive, time-consuming and it can leave gaps in your hazardous waste disposal plan. This can increase your chance or leave you open to problems with compliance. But don’t worry! At Canessco Services Inc., employing the latest technologies, we present a single source for all of your liquid waste disposal needs in Edmonton, making the whole process simpler, safer and more cost-effective. Our vacuum trucks and combo vacs are coded units so they can haul hazardous materials. In addition to the collection and transportation of liquid wastes, we process and treat a variety of wastes produced by industrial and commercial applications. You can trust us to haul or transport both regulated and non-regulated wastes.

Call the Canessco Kid Today for Liquid Waste Disposal in Edmonton

An overflowing septic tank is a disaster, leading to back flows and liquid waste all over the place. To ensure this doesn’t happen at your residential or commercial property, you should schedule regular septic tank pumping with Canessco Services Inc. We offer liquid waste disposal of all kinds in Edmonton.

We also offer grease trap cleaning, drain cleaning and a variety of other sewer and drain line cleaning services. No matter what your pipe cleaning needs are, Canessco Services Inc. has you covered. Call the Canessco Kid today to schedule service with an experienced crew.

Cleaning Truck

Call the Canessco Kid today to arrange a visit to your location to discuss services.

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