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Septic Tank Cleaning


Canessco Services Inc. is the company to call for professional septic tank cleaning in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We believe that the plumbing system of a property, including the septic tank, is one of its most crucial aspects. We often don't pay attention to our septic tanks until something goes wrong with them. This approach can eventually force you to pay for extensive repairs or replacements that could have been avoided. While a septic tank is not designed to last forever, regular maintenance and cleaning can keep your commercial, residential and industrial property free of septic tank-related issues.


We provide an extensive range of services, including reliable septic tank cleaning in Edmonton. Our team is made up of professionals who have years of experience and the ability to carry out septic tank cleaning with careful attention.


For commercial and industrial properties, septic problems can mean unnecessary downtime. On residential properties, septic tank-related issues can affect your and your family's daily routine and cause illnesses. To prevent these troubles, you can rely on our quick, efficient and hassle-free septic tank cleaning services in Edmonton.

What Is Septic Tank Cleaning?

To put it simply, septic tank cleaning involves the elimination of sludge from a property's septic tank system. While this sludge helps break down the solid waste that comes from your property, the limited size of your septic tank means that it must eventually be cleared. Failure to do so can cause sewage backups, leaks, clogs and septic tank system damage. If you haven't gotten your septic tank cleaned in the past two years, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us.

Septic Tank Cleaning Truck

Reasons to Routinely Clean Your Septic Tank

Not cleaning your septic tank comes with numerous risks, the chief being the overflowing of sludge into your drain field and inside your property. Not only is this highly unhygienic, but it can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Routinely cleaning your plumbing system, on the other hand, has numerous benefits, such as:


  • Prevention of illnesses: Sewage contains illness-causing pathogens that can cause diseases on exposure. Ensuring that your septic tank is routinely cleaned eliminates the risk of this exposure. 

  • Cost-saving: When cleaning your septic tank, we can spot and attend to minor problems that might worsen and force you to spend money on expensive repairs if ignored. 

  • Protection of the environment: Failure to clean your septic tank causes sewage leaks. Sewage can also seep into underground water reserves and contaminate them.

  • Improved efficiency: Septic tanks that are overfilled do not function effectively. Cleaning them will optimize their functioning and help the bacteria in your septic tank do their job.

Get in Touch

Routine septic tank cleaning is crucial to protect the health of your property's occupants and to avoid damage to your plumbing system. We provide dependable septic tank cleaning services in Edmonton for all types of properties. You can turn to our team to get the job done. We also offer other services, including drain cleaning, grease trap cleaning, hydrovac solutions and more.

Easy Septic Tank Cleaning

Quick and Easy Septic Tank Cleaning

Our reliable technicians can clean your septic tank in no time.

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