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Catch basin Cleaning Truck


In a city like ours where snowfall is abundant in the winter months and temperatures dip way below freezing, catch basin cleaning in the Edmonton area is extremely important. At Canessco Services Inc., we encourage building managers and business owners to schedule regular catch basin cleaning and steaming with professionals. Not doing so can create future havoc for your condo tenants and customers that use your parking lot or road. 


We employ Combo Vacs for those hard-to-reach catch basins that are off the roadways in tough-to-reach places. Our Combination Sewer flusher trucks can vacuum/clean the catch basins, then flush the storm line, leaving the catch basin clear of debris. These trucks utilize a 1” sewer flushing hose putting out 60-80 Gallons per minute. To learn more about how catch basins work and why it’s so important to keep them in shape, read more about them on this page. Call the Canessco Kid to book your cleaning and thawing services.

What is a Catch Basin?

Catch basins are common structures, so you’ve probably walked by one in the recent past. They are openings into storm drainage systems, usually consisting of grates at street level and an underground tank or basin. Their main purpose is to prevent garbage and other debris from entering storm drains and causing blockages. Components of a catch basin include flapper devices, outlet pipes, and a sump pump.


If a catch basin is not regularly maintained, it will experience a blockage causing further storm sewer clogs. This allows pollutants to permeate the system and flow into our natural waterways like rivers and streams, causing environmental harm and damage.

Catch Basin

Cleaning and Steaming Catch Basins

Edmonton temperatures can dip below freezing for a large part of the year. Spring thaw causes catch basins to freeze and storm drains to get blocked. When drains are blocked, rain water, snow melt, and ice can back up in your business or building’s parking lot and road. This causes much frustration among your customers, tenants, and whoever needs to use that outdoor space. It’s also quite unsightly to see mounds of dirty snow and ice pile up on your property!


If your storm sewer is currently draining properly, you don’t need to clean your catch basin right this moment. However, we do encourage folks to get their basins inspected on a regular basis. If yours hasn’t been inspected before, sooner or later, it will clog. That’s why we encourage clients to schedule regular inspections to avoid future, bigger problems that can be pricey and frustrating. From clog removal to repair, our catch basin cleaning in Edmonton serves all your needs.

Hire Canessco Services Inc. to Clean & Thaw Your Catch Basin

Cleaning drain systems of any kind is messy work! Let the professionals with the right tools take care of the job so you can focus on more important things like running your business or managing your building.


At Canessco Services Inc., we have the equipment and expertise to properly execute catch basin cleaning for Edmonton. Our highly experienced team uses special vacuum equipment that is capable of removing large amounts of debris from your catch basin. We are a family owned and operated local company with over 100 years of combined experience, and folks have trusted us since our founding in 1974. Call the Canessco Kid today  and we can provide you with an on-site quote for your Edmonton catch basin cleaning job!

For catch basin cleaning and thawing in Edmonton, rely on the experienced team at Canessco Services Inc. We can remove large amounts of accumulated solids in your catch basins to ensure the integrity of your system is intact. Call us today to learn more and schedule our services.

Cleaning Truck

Call the Canessco Kid today to arrange a visit to your location to discuss services.

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