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Waste frameworks can fail due to heavy downpours, sewage blockage, or damaged pipes. Trash can build up in pipes obstructing the smooth flow of liquid and resulting in expensive repairs. Avoid costly damage to your waste handling systems by scheduling expert parkade sump cleaning in the Edmonton area and surrounding areas. 


Putting off your sump cleaning can turn minor issues into real plumbing emergencies. However, a timely assessment from our experts can help you detect and solve underlying issues in time. A sump assessment is an important part of a progressive prevention and maintenance program. Whether it’s the basement on your commercial property or your parkade’s lower level, our sump cleaning solutions can help avoid the backing up of sewer drains into your facility. What starts with a mud buildup rising to the standpipe won’t take long to unfold serious sump problems. Don’t wait for the mud to flow down the line, clog drain lines and result in backups. Connect with our professionals today for a thorough assessment and receive an on-site quote.

Complete Sump Cleaning Solutions for Your Peace of Mind

If you notice mud or ooze rising to the level of the standpipe’s edge, that’s the right time to call Canessco Services Inc. to visit your home or commercial property. The worst sign of a looming sump problem is clogged discharge lines causing slow draining of water into the sump. Consequently, the water starts pooling on your floors instead.


A professional clean-up of your sump pit is the best way to protect your peace of mind and avoid serious sump problems. A sump pit could be hard to access and thus requires the right equipment to ensure a thorough clean. Our vacuum truck is 6’ tall in height and goes into almost any parkade, enabling us to vacuum/clean all sizes of parkade sumps and trench drains. Our flushing equipment also reaches the low-lying areas of the parkades and flushes out the drain lines and overhead sewer lines in parkades. 


With our top-line equipment composed of vacuum and flush trucks and combo vacs, we can do away with all the build-up of thick silt and stubborn debris clogging your underground discharge drains and prevent nasty backups.

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Sump Problems Don’t Resolve by Themselves, Book an Appointment Today!

The failure of the sump pump and float switch often results from a frozen discharge line or a clogged drain system. If you notice rust-coloured ooze (iron ochre) on the standpipe’s edge, an iron bacteria problem could oxidize ferrous iron and clog your drain system. Rust stains and foul odour are some tell-tale signs of ochre flooding in your basement. Professional sump cleaning is crucial to resolve these problems. Therefore, don’t wait to call our knowledgeable technicians at Canessco Services Inc. for an assessment today. We provide parkade sump cleaning services in Edmonton, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, Leduc, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, and Beaumont. Also, you can count on us to provide on-site quotes and 24/7 emergency services.

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Schedule Sump Service

We do sump pump maintenance and sump pit cleaning to help you prepare for the rainy season.

Sewer and Drainage Services Putting Safety First

Canessco Services Inc. strives to be an industry leader in sewer and drainage services while keeping safety as our foremost concern. We are associate members of Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) and have been COR certified for 10 years. We are part of Avetta, ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, Cognibox, ContractorCheck, and CQN Advantage. Canessco Services Inc. has a rigorous safety program in place to protect its employees and to keep the public safe. If you would like more information about our certifications, please call the Canessco Kid today.

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