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Efficient Grease Trap Cleaning Services in the Edmonton Areas

When it comes to restaurant kitchens and food production facilities, the grease trap is a vital component. It traps grease and solids before they are able to enter your plumbing system. In faster-paced environments, grease traps fill up quickly and will need to be emptied out. When you call Canessco Services Inc. for grease trap cleaning services in the Edmonton area, you’re getting a professional service that goes above and beyond merely vacuuming the trap out. We will wash them down and give them a thorough cleaning. Our portable units are able to get those hard-to-reach traps. The equipment we use includes Small Vacuum Trucks, Tri Axle vacuum trucks, and Tri-axle combo vacs which are able to clean large grease traps and wash them down with steaming hot water. This process helps break down the grease.

Once removed, the grease is safely disposed of at the proper recycling facility. Our experts also provide you with reports after the service is completed, along with before and after pictures. If it has been a while since the last time you had your grease trap cleaned, call the Canessco kid today to schedule a grease trap cleaning in Edmonton. You can also count on us for services, including high-pressure sewer cleaning, catch basin cleaning and liquid waste disposal.

How Does a Grease Trap Work?

Whenever you wash your dishes, you might have noticed that fats, grease, and oils generally separate out of the wash water and float to the service, whereas food particles generally collect at the bottom of the sink. Grease traps and passive grease interceptors work on the same idea, trapping the grease, fats, and oils that float to the top of the water.


In most restaurants, the wastewater is either drained into a passive grease trap interceptor or a grease trap. The trap contains a middle layer of water that is free of grease, fats, and oils. The grease trap allows only the middle layers of the water to flow through into the sanitary sewer system.

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Can I Dump Grease Down the Floor Drain?

No. Most floor drains lead right into the storm sewers, so dumping grease into the drain is harmful to the city’s infrastructure and is also illegal.


It is a code violation to dispose of grease, fat, and oil through the City of Edmonton’s sanitary sewer systems. Almost half of Canada’s sanitary sewer system overflow problems are caused by irresponsible dumping of fat, oil, and grease down sinks and drains. This is why grease traps and interceptors are some of the most important items that inspectors look at when they come to review a food production facility or restaurant. If you do not have one or fail to hire a company to perform a grease trap cleaning, Edmonton health inspectors could issue you a fine of up to $10,000.

Why Do I Need to Have My Grease Trap Cleaned?

Cleaning your grease trap regularly helps keep your kitchen running smoothly. Grease traps should be cleaned out every so often to prevent blockages and spills, odours, and health hazards. Hiring professional grease trap cleaning services ensures that you remain properly compliant with city codes, that your trap doesn’t produce noxious odours, and that it remains working as it should.

Benefits of Grease Trap Cleaning

It’s advisable to pump your grease trap every 30-90 days. As the wastes collected in the grease trap take a lot of time to decompose, it is better to clean them often. The benefits of cleaning grease traps are as follows:


  • It reduces fat, oil and grease buildups

  • It reduces health hazards

  • It avoids sewer problems

  • It reduces grease trap system repair expenses

  • It helps you keep the environment clean

Schedule Your Grease Trap Cleaning in Edmonton

If a lot of time has passed since the last time you have had a grease trap cleaning, call Edmonton’s professionals in Canessco Services Inc. to schedule a cleaning today. Once we learn about the volume of food your produce and your specific needs, we can recommend a routine cleaning schedule. Our grease trap cleaning in Edmonton will keep your kitchen smelling great. Just call the Canessco Kid today to get started.


We recently heard of a restaurant in the Calgary area that had to permanently close up shop due to unsanitary conditions, partially as a result of a non-functioning or non-existent grease trap. Not only were they forced to close, but the co-owner of the restaurant was levied $56,780 in fees. We would not want this to happen to any of the customers we serve, so please stay up-to-date on your grease trap cleanings!

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Arrange for an on-site quote for your grease trap cleaning.

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