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  • A man using a hydro excavation truck on a back garden of a house.
    How Does Hydro Excavation Work


    Many people are unaware of hydro excavation's benefits. We've put together a brief guide that details everything you need to know about hydro excavation. Let's get started. 


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  • lady traying to unclog her sink with a snake.
    How to Unclog a Drain with a Snake


    Are you struggling with a stubborn drain that won't unclog? A snake is one of the best tools you can invest in or rent to help you solve the problem.

    Are you wondering what the process involves? Keep reading to learn how to unclog a drain with a snake.

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  • Septic Tank Maintenance
    7 Signs Your Septic Tank Has Problems

    Did you know that roughly 14% of homes in Canada have private septic systems? Septic tanks require a low amount of maintenance but neglecting to identify the signs of a maintenance overdue can cause issues.


    If you suffer a failure of your septic tank, you could end up with waste backed up into all the drains in your home. With so many Canadian homes and properties using septic tanks, knowing the warning signs of failure is vital. Here are seven of the most common symptoms of septic tank malfunction.


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  • a person holding a plunger above the sink
    Common Items That Shouldn’t Go Down the Drain

    Have you ever been on autopilot in the kitchen, dumped some food down the sink, and then realized that maybe that wasn't the best idea?


    It happens to all of us, and many times, we don't even realize that what we put down the drain shouldn't go there!


    So what can go in the kitchen sink and what can't? Keep reading to find out!


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  • Using sewer rod to remove blockage
    How Often Should You Clean Your Septic Tank?

    Did you know that sewage and wastewater contain harmful toxins and micro-organisms? Without proper treatment, these can pollute underground water sources leading to infections and poisoning.


    While having a septic tank can treat such waste and prevent contamination, it's important to empty it as needed. Failure to do so will cause foul odour, leakage, and slow drainage. It can also lead to gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet or drain water down your kitchen sink.


    Since septic tank sizes and uses differ, we listed a list of signs to help you determine how often you should clean your septic tank.


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  • A man with his hand inside of a sewer line
    How Often Should You Have Your Sewer Lines Cleaned?

    The plumbing industry in Canada is worth a staggering $16.4 billion. One of its core mandates is to provide cleaning services for sewer lines. Sewer line cleaning is integral in ensuring a property's drainage system functions optimally.


    Yet so many people wait until it's too late to clean the sewer lines. Often, the delay results in a clogged sewer line that's very uncomfortable and inconvenient to have around. Just imagine having to deal with a foul smell arising out of sewer backups in your drainage system.


    This begs the question; how often should you engage in sewer line cleanout for you to be safe? Read on to learn more.


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  • A person working with a septic tank.
    The Best Way to Keep Your Septic Tank Clean  

    If you own a house with a septic tank, you have to understand the importance of keeping it clean.

    There are numerous benefits of having a septic tank on your property, chief among them being the environmental ones. That all goes out the window, however, if you're not keeping your septic system clean. It might not be the most glamorous job, but it's what'll keep everything running as it should.

    Today, we're going to discuss the proper way to perform septic tank cleaning so that you never run into any big issues down the road. Proper septic maintenance is key in helping remain safe and hygienic at home.

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  • A machine working in a sewer.
    How to Choose the Best Sewer Contractor

    When your sewer system is in need of repair you can't wait around.  You need the help of professionals before things get messy.

    Hiring a sewer contractor should be done quickly, but carefully.  You need a company that can get the work done without sacrificing quality.  Otherwise, your problems will just reoccur.

    In this guide, we give you tips on how to choose the best sewer contractor.  Don't flush your money down the drain.  Read this article before taking the plunge on hiring!

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  • Gloves in a sink.
    Why Does My Grease Trap Smell?

    Did you know that humans have 12 million smell receptor cells? When your grease trap is producing an awful odor, you are bound to smell it. Don't let the smell linger, give your grease trap a good cleaning.

    Read our guide to learn why your grease trap smells and how to get a good grease trap cleaning.

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  • view of steam cleaning
    Hire a Professional Steam Cleaner During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Our society is going through an unprecedented experience with the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic. The problem does not lie in the spread of the disease alone but also our panicked response to this situation. Social distancing has helped us contain the initial rate of infection but we are now at a stage where we have to ease back into our pre-pandemic routine to avoid an economic disaster. So, we have to prepare ourselves to face this scary situation by making the right decisions. As we re-open our businesses and start interacting with others, we have to sanitize our surroundings regularly to reduce the risk of exposure.

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  • hydrovac truck
    Why Hydrovac is the Right Choice for You

    Hydrovac or hydro excavation refers to the process of removing soil from an area using pressurized water. The water is injected into the ground through a hose to liquefy the soil. An air conveyance system or a vacuum is then used to transfer the wet soil to a debris storage tank. This is a non-destructive and precise method to locate any underground utilities.


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  • view of a person cleaning drain
    Drain Cleaning - A Way to Prevent Basement Flooding

    The drainage system in your house plays an important role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. It can be bad for your health and convenience when contaminants accumulate and clog the pipes. Keeping them thoroughly clean is tricky, as they are out of sight. Blocked drains cause water to flow in the reverse direction. Since the overflowing water will first flow to the lowest points in buildings, basements

    get flooded. It usually happens when the main plumbing line, which channels wastewater from washrooms or appliances, is blocked. If only one isolated area is clogged, only the related appliances will face a problem. In such situations, hire experienced professionals from Canessco Services Inc. for quality drain cleaning services, and better drain water management.
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  • Canessco Services
    What Is CCTV Sewer Inspection and How Does It Work?

    Whether it’s a clogged tub that’s interrupting your morning routine, a water backup that shuts down your restaurant’s kitchen or gurgling noises coming from your public restroom, when your plumbing is blocked, you need to get to the root of the problem as fast as possible. Thankfully, a CCTV sewer inspection can help property owners all over Edmonton get their plumbing back to normal quickly.

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  • Grease traps
    Grease Trap Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know

    Grease traps are among the most important pieces of equipment in any restaurant, commercial kitchen, or food production facility. A properly working grease trap intercepts grease, fats, oils, and solids in kitchen wastewater before they can enter the sewer system. Grease trap cleaning in Edmonton is a crucial service provided by a sewer contractor such as Canessco Services Inc. A regular grease trap cleaning should be one of your top kitchen maintenance priorities.

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  • drain snake
    ​Snaking vs. Water Jetting: What's the Difference?

    At Canessco Services Inc., snaking and water jetting are just two of the ways we have to help you clear pipe blockages. Whether it is high-pressure sewer cleaning with the most advanced tools of the trade, or good old-fashioned elbow grease with a drain snake, our family-owned and operated business in Edmonton wants you to get the waste management service you need at a price you can afford. Here’s just a little more information on the differences between snaking and water jetting.

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  • Canessco drainage problems
    5 Common Drainage Problems You Should Know About

    Since 1974, Canessco Services Inc. has been handling waste management jobs around Edmonton, including drain cleaning, water jetting, liquid waste disposal, and more. When you've been in this business for as long as we have, there are a few problems that you see over and over again. Here are just five common drainage issues that you should know about.

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  • Canessco Grease Trap Cleaning Services for Kitchens Edmonton
    Why Every Restaurant in Edmonton Needs Grease Trap Cleaning

    Grease traps are an essential part of your restaurant’s plumbing system. They help keep oils out of the septic system and prevent your pipes from clogging. More than half of the main-line blockages that the city of Edmonton responds to are due to an accumulation of fats, oils and grease in the sewer system. Keep reading to learn more about how grease traps work and why getting them cleaned is so important.

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  • Canessco Truck Sewer Line Cleaning Edmonton
    5 Big Benefits of Sewer Line Cleaning

    Do you have strange smells coming out of your drains? Or what about slow drains? Would a sewer backup get in the way of your business or day-to-day life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might need professional sewer line cleaning in Edmonton. Keep reading to learn five ways you can benefit from flushing out your sewer lines.

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  • Canessco Truck Hydrovac Services Edmonton
    Everything You Need to Know about Using Hydrovac Services in Edmonton

    When you’re planning a big construction or renovation project in the Edmonton area, there’s a lot to consider. The planning phase of the project alone can take months, even years, and part of that planning includes being careful about where you’ll be digging. Digging a hole in the wrong spot could lead to thousands of dollars in damage or even an environmental catastrophe. Keep reading to learn more about what hydrovac services are and how they can help.

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services
    5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services

    Everyone in Edmonton with a kitchen sink knows how easily a drain can become clogged. It can be a pain to deal with and an even bigger pain to fix. Now imagine the havoc that a plugged drain could wreak on a larger scale. What would that mean for your business? Keep reading for five reasons you need professional drain cleaning service ASAP.

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