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What Signs Indicate That My Septic Tank Needs Cleaning?

Everyone wants to keep their home in the perfect state, but issues are always coming up.

A residential septic tank is an example of a well-designed system, but time will still take a toll. A professional septic tank cleaning service can help you deal with any issues when they arise, but they're sometimes difficult to notice. Some telltale signs indicate there's an issue with your septic tank.

In this guide, we'll explore some of these signs so that you'll know when it's time for you to call a septic tank maintenance company. Keep reading for more.

Sewage Backup

Sewage may back up and flow out of the drains in your home for several reasons, and one potential culprit is the septic tank. This may happen if there's a blockage or it's too full.

Naturally occurring bacteria in the scum and sludge in your septic tank breaks down into wastewater to be released. A tank can become overloaded, however, if it receives a lot of water quickly. This can cause it to back up into your home.

A clog may occur if the materials don't break down properly, causing a similar problem. To avoid this, you can reduce your water usage and be careful about what items you flush. Things like paper towels, leftover food, grease, and diapers should be properly disposed of.

Slow Drainage

This is another sign of a blockage, and while it might not seem as urgent, it's something you should deal with as soon as possible. It can quickly turn into a full blockage that will lead to a sewage backup.

Routinely cleaning your septic tank will help prevent this from happening. It's a good idea to set up a regular cleaning schedule with a professional sewer services company to avoid running into such issues.

Pooling Water in Yard

This can happen when there's a lot of rainfall, as your septic tank may not be able to drain properly. It can lead to wet areas in your yard, though this may also happen if there's a leak in your septic line.

If rainfall is the cause, you should just be able to wait for your system to catch up. A leak, however, will need to be repaired by a professional.

Greener Grass Around the Septic Tank

This might initially seem like a good thing, but it can happen if you're not maintaining your septic tank properly. This is because sewage may be leaking into your yard, which you definitely want to avoid.

The soil above a septic tank typically isn't very deep, so the grass there is more likely to dry out. If it seems unusually lush, it's probably due to a wastewater leak.

Professional Septic Tank Cleaning Service

Proper septic tank care will keep it in good shape. Otherwise, you may experience blockages, leaks, and other issues.

Canessco Services is a leading sewer contractor that has been serving clients in Edmonton since 1952. You can get a free quote for our septic tank cleaning service today.




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