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How Often Should You Clean Your Septic Tank?

Did you know that sewage and wastewater contain harmful toxins and micro-organisms? Without proper treatment, these can pollute underground water sources leading to infections and poisoning.

While having a septic tank can treat such waste and prevent contamination, it's important to empty it as needed. Failure to do so will cause foul odour, leakage, and slow drainage. It can also lead to gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet or drain water down your kitchen sink.

Since septic tank sizes and uses differ, we listed a list of signs to help you determine how often you should clean your septic tank.

How Long Do I Need to Wait to Clean My Septic Tank?

Experts recommend emptying your septic tank every two to three years. Still, this duration may differ depending on various factors. For example, if your home has many residents, you will use more water and fill your tank faster.

Other factors that will affect septic tank pumping frequency are:

  • The duration you take to repair water leaks

  • Laundry cleaning frequency

  • The type of cleaning products you use

Another factor determining how often you need to clean your septic tank is the equipment you use in your home. Does your dishwasher have a food grinder, or do you discard leftovers in the garbage? Also, do you pump your sewerage out of the basement, or is it linked to your septic system?

Answering such questions can help you determine how long it takes to fill your tank. You can also use these details to consult an expert on the proper emptying frequency. When to Hire Septic Tank Cleaning Services

When your septic system fills up, you may notice a foul odour and water around the surface. While these signs indicate it's time for sewer tank service, avoid waiting until the facility no longer has space to clean it. Instead, hire experts every two to three years for a comprehensive inspection and cleaning.

Companies like Canessco Services Inc. can help you determine if it's time for septic tank service. Their experts will inspect the facility then use various equipment to flush the waste. They can also do a CCTV inspection to help you identify leakage and fix it to ensure your system functions optimally. How Can I Check If My Septic Tank Is Full?

If you want to inspect your concrete septic tank, remove the lid, then insert a measuring stick to check if the sludge is beyond thirty centimetres from the bottom. You can also assess if the scum is more than 1.8 metres thick.

Since inspecting your septic tank can be risky and cause damage, hiring an expert is advisable. They have enough experience to determine when a facility needs emptying. When opening the tank, they will also use the right tools to avoid damaging the lid.

Contact Canessco Services Inc. for Septic Tank Cleaning

Getting septic tank cleaning from an expert can help you ensure your system functions properly. At Canessco Services Inc., we provide reliable emptying services in Edmonton. We also have all the equipment you need to detect blockages or faults and fix them. call the Canessco Kid today for professional residential and commercial sewer cleaning.


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