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7 Signs Your Septic Tank Has Problems

Did you know that roughly 14% of homes in Canada have private septic systems? Septic tanks require a low amount of maintenance but neglecting to identify the signs of a maintenance overdue can cause issues.

If you suffer a failure of your septic tank, you could end up with waste backed up into all the drains in your home. With so many Canadian homes and properties using septic tanks, knowing the warning signs of failure is vital. Here are seven of the most common symptoms of septic tank malfunction.

  1. Issues Draining One of the first things you're likely to notice is issues with your drainage. It's likely that you'll suffer from water not going down the drain or is going much more slowly.

  2. Stinky Odors Given the general contents of the average septic tank, a highly common symptom is unpleasant scents. This often takes the form of the smell of feces or urine, though different chemicals in septic tanks can change the smell. Either way, if you're noticing strange odours from your home, the septic tank likely needs maintenance.

  3. Strange Sounds As drainage issues continue, your septic tank may cause strange sounds. Primarily, this comes from drains that aren't properly flowing. The most common sounds are gurgling or dripping sounds, often due to backup in the pipes making the draining occur irregularly.

  4. Overly-Healthy Lawn Believe it or not, a sudden increase in the health of your lawn can actually mean that there's an issue with your septic tank. You will likely notice small patches near where your septic tank is buried shining a brighter green or growing larger. Such a sight often means that there's a leak in your tank and the substances within are working as fertilizer.

  5. Watery Yard Another issue you may find in your yard is puddles of standing water. Standing water means that water is leaking out underground and resting in your yard. However, other leaks can cause this, so consider having an inspection to see if this is the cause.

  6. Problems Flushing Issues with the septic tank can also lead to problems with water pressure. Blockage and clogging in the pipes can also occur due to the septic tank being too full or having other issues.

  7. Drain Backup You may find issues with your drains being completely backed up. Commonly, this will happen in the restroom, though the problem can also spread to other areas. The septic tank isn't the only thing that can cause such an issue but is a likely suspect.

Investigating Septic Tank Issues

Your septic tank is a crucial part of your waste system and needs proper maintenance to ensure everything stays working. If you're suffering from any of these septic tank problems, consider having an expert come out to investigate. From there, they can handle any repairs or fix any malfunctions that may need correcting.

If you have further questions or concerns about septic tank problems, feel free to call the Canessco Kid today. You can also browse our other blog posts for more tips about the septic tank.


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