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The Importance of CCTV Sewer Inspection: Keeping Your Infrastructure Safe and Efficient

Image of an CCTV Sewer Inspection

When it comes to drainage and sewer maintenance, few advances have been able to change the industry more than CCTV sewer inspections. With the possibility of providing a more efficient and cost-effective method of identifying and tackling problems, CCTV sewer cameras have revolutionized the way drainage systems are inspected and repaired. But why is it so important that you have your sewer inspected by CCTV sewer cameras and what benefits does it bring to your infrastructure? Let’s look into it.


Early Detection of Problems


One of the main reasons why you should consider having your drainage system inspected by CCTV sewer cameras is detecting problems at an early stage. In most cases, people can’t tell if there’s something wrong with their pipes and sewer systems before there is a noticeable issue such as leaks or blockage. With CCTV sewer cameras pushed into pipelines, drainage professionals have a detailed internal view of the pipes in your sewer system, which can help them detect problems like small cracks and corrosion and prevent bigger issues from happening.


Preventing Disruptions


The last thing you want to discover is a sewer backup. Sewer Backup can be extremely inconvenient, and they often mean there is a serious problem associated with them. In most cases, disruptions are caused by debris in the piping system, pipe damage or even root intrusion. If left untreated, disruptions can prevent wastewater from flowing properly which can quickly escalate to a wide range of more complex issues.


With the help of video sewer inspections, problems like small blockages or irregularities in your pipeline can be detected earlier, which helps you prevent disruptions in your drainage system.


Efficiency and Cost Savings


The importance of CCTV sewer inspection is also related to cost savings and efficiency. Not long ago, if you wanted to investigate a problem related to your drainage pipelines, professionals would likely have to dig around the pipe, which would inevitably damage the areas around it. This would not only increase the time needed to get your system repaired but also make the entire process more expensive. CCTV inspections are much less invasive and provide you with the possibility of getting the job done in a more efficient and affordable way.


Environmental Protection


Apart from being more efficient than traditional methods, CCTV sewer inspections are also environmentally friendly. The whole landscape and concrete digging process that used to be done in the past could have a considerable impact not only on your property’s infrastructure but also on habitats and ecosystems. Since video drainage inspections are done with camera snakes that are inserted and pushed into pipelines, no digging or disruption is required, which makes them an eco-friendly solution.


CCTV Sewer Inspections in Edmonton and the Surrounding Areas

Having problems with your sewer lines in Edmonton and the surrounding areas? Looking for efficient solutions to get your sewer system inspected? Canessco Services Inc. has got you covered. Our experienced professionals can provide you with a wide range of services to make sure your drainage system is in optimal condition. From CCTV sewer inspections to drain cleaning and high-pressure flushing, we offer reliable, practical, and cost-effective solutions. Reach out to us.


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