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Why Does My Grease Trap Smell?

Did you know that humans have 12 million smell receptor cells? When your grease trap is producing an awful odor, you are bound to smell it. Don't let the smell linger, give your grease trap a good cleaning.

Read our guide to learn why your grease trap smells and how to get a good grease trap cleaning.

Dirty Grease Trap

One of the most common reasons your grease trap could smell is because it is filthy. This just means it is time for a grease trap cleaning.

A grease trap works to separate fog from wastewater. However, sometimes food particles can get trapped inside and set to the bottom of the tank. When this happens, the trap will smell.

The particles that get broken down cause gases like hydrogen sulfide and sulphuric to get emitted. Sulphuric gases are the reason for the stink.

A dirty grease trap is a primary reason a grease trap smells and needs cleaning immediately. Not only does the odor smell bad, but it can cause some safety issues. To ensure proper sanitation, clean, or pump grease traps regularly.

Improper Ventilation

There is a flow control device in a grease trap that has a vent to draw in air. This gets used to improve the efficiency of separation inside the tank. All grease traps must be vented.

The location of the ventilation is important when you have a grease trap system. It needs to be in the proper place to avoid a stink. Always position the ventilation away from the building.

Broken P Trap

A P trap is a barrier that prevents any odor from getting released. A broken P trap will result in the bad smell being distributed.

Grease Trap Cleaning Tips and Tricks

There are methods you can follow to get rid of bad odors due to a problem with the grease trap. These remedies are simple, yet effective.

  • Hot Water As soon as you see signs of a grease trap issue, you can try using hot water as a solution. If your company has a smelly sink to deal with, just boil some water. Pour that water down the stinky sink to get rid of the smell. To keep this from happening at your business, get into the habit of pouring hot water down the sink after being used for a long time period. Hot water aids in killing bacteria that could be the cause of the odor.

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar Baking soda and vinegar together in the sink can eliminate odors. After pouring into the sink, let the mixture sit for a few minutes and allow it to bubble. After allowing it to sit, pour boiling water down the sink. This solution should last for about six weeks. It can also help unclog drains.

Call the Professionals

Grease trap cleaning is easy when you call the professionals to help! Canessco Services Inc. has experienced grease trap cleaning specialists in Edmonton that can ensure the odor goes away.

Clean the Trap Today!

Don't let the odor sit and get worse over time. Deal with it now by using these remedies or calling us, the professionals. Clean your grease trap today to get rid of gross odors.

Canessco Services Inc. in Edmonton can handle grease trap cleaning and more, arrange a service quote today.


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