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How to Choose the Best Sewer Contractor

When your sewer system is in need of repair you can't wait around. You need the help of professionals before things get messy.

Hiring a sewer contractor should be done quickly, but carefully. You need a company that can get the work done without sacrificing quality. Otherwise, your problems will just reoccur.

In this guide, we give you tips on how to choose the best sewer contractor. Don't flush your money down the drain. Read this article before taking the plunge on hiring!

Sewer Contractor

First, let's look at what a sewer contractor does. Sewer contractors are specialists in liquid waste removal and sewer management. This can include grease traps, drain lines, and septic systems.

Sewer contractors do more than just remove waste. They can inspect and install systems to make sure that your infrastructure remains trouble-free.


The cost for installation or sewage maintenance can mount up quickly. You need to work with a company that can provide a quote for the work up-front. Without something in writing, project costs can spiral out of control.

Be aware that a low-cost estimate may not reflect the final cost of the project. There are many considerations to make such as restoration of landscaping, possible damage to property, and interference from rocks or underground utilities. You should discuss these situations with your contractor before beginning.

In most cases, an on-site quote is recommended. This will allow for the proper evaluation of your situation and the condition of your system. This prevents expensive surprises down the road.

Project cost is often the biggest factor in selecting a contractor, but it should not be the only factor. Ask your contractor about warranties on their work. This will save you money in the long run.


When selecting a sewer management company you want to make sure they have access to the latest technologies. This includes Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) line inspections and hydrovac services.

CCTV line inspections use video to find and repair trouble spots in your plumbing without having to dig up those lines. By making timely repairs you can prevent sewage backup.

Hydrovac services use the latest hydro excavation equipment. This equipment allows the contractor to remove soil with high-pressure water. The result is less damage to your property and quicker more efficient repairs.


The latest technologies alone won't solve all your problems. You need a waste management company that can handle your unique situation. Knowing what to do and how to do it comes with experience.

Sewer cleaning and repair is an area where one mistake can lead to costly consequences. Experienced professionals will know what to avoid when servicing your system.


Seek a leader in the industry with a solid reputation. Talk to past clients and research the company's reputation online. Services such as Google Reviews can help you identify which company to hire and which to avoid.


Look for a company that puts the safety of its employees and customers first. Ask about the safety measures they employ to prevent and contain mishaps should something go wrong. Check for safety certifications and make sure the company you choose is insured.

Due Diligence

Now that you know the areas to evaluate, it's time to do some homework. Some use spreadsheets to rank companies, while others get by with a notepad. However you choose to rate your potential sewer contractor, we encourage you to use due diligence.

At Canessco Services Inc. we have seen our share of dirty projects. We know that the health and safety of your family and community rest on our shoulders. We are members of the Alberta Construction Safety Association and have been COR certified for 10 years.

Canessco Services Inc. has been serving the Edmonton area since 1952. We offer over 100 years of combined experience in underground utility maintenance and liquid waste removal. Call the Canessco Kid today to save time and money with an on-site service quote!


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