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How to Unclog a Drain with a Snake

Unclog a Drain

Are you struggling with a stubborn drain that won't unclog? A snake is one of the best tools you can invest in or rent to help you solve the problem.

Are you wondering what the process involves? Keep reading to learn how to unclog a drain with a snake.

  1. Put the Snake in the Drain Your first step is to line up the snake's end with your drain's opening. Once you've done that, you can start turning the handle on the snake. This will cause the augur to travel down the length of the drain. The drain might have a trap, so be sure to maneuver it around this area so that it can slide with more ease down the drain.

  2. Locate the Blockage You should continue to guide the snake until you notice some pushback. That would likely be the blockage. This is when you should rotate the snake. If you rotate it enough, you can either chip away the blockage until it's reduced to little bits or lodge the end of the snake inside the blockage. Lodging it in makes it easy to reel it like a fish and remove it altogether.

  3. Run Water Through the Plumbing Once you remove the blockage or break it up, the final step involves running your water for an extended period. A few minutes should do the trick but be sure that the water is running fully and not at half-pressure. This will ensure that any leftover pieces of the clog are washed away so that the drain is as clear as can be.

Call the Professionals

You may need professional plumbing services if the clog is still an issue. The best professionals have experience and access to industrial tools that guarantee a long-term solution.

Since 1974, our family company has provided a wide range of sewage solutions. We can get the job done, from drain and grease trap cleaning to liquid waste disposal and high-pressure sewage flushing. Our customers love that we have over a century of combined experience.

To get your drain cleaned, call the Canessco Kid today.


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